Meeting in December

Dear all,
Greetings from Barcelona.
I hope you're all doing very well.
Here, everything is going well, there are happening some changes (good and bad ones) inside our organization, and we’re going through a “reinvention” process. Will let you know in December.
As you all know we’re having our next encounter on December 10th until 16th in L’Animal a L’Esquena, Celr√° Girona. I got a confirmation from most all of you for these dates, but there are still some people’s confirmations missing... That’s the case of Andrea (Fagarazzi), Karima, Noora, Florent ... please confirm us your availability for our next encounter in December. We need to know it... time is running. Thank you!
Concerning our encounter in December, we would like each one of you to tell us how would you like the next encounter to be (activities, etc.) because we want you to be the ones who decide how this next encounter will be... so please tell us:

We would like that these encounters turn into a rich research, experimentation and exchange space for all of you...
What kind of activities you would like to develop during the encounter?
Does it make sense to you the working groups?
If yes, would you like to keep working with the same people you worked in February? If not, how you think we should be organized ?
We’re thinking on inviting new people (participants) and two persons (dramaturge, philosophers, artists, etc) to accompany and give feedback to the artistic work/research the group (our groups) will develop during this project. Do you have some suggestions of people that you would like to work in this context?
Or you think this doesn’t make sense?

I’m looking forward to hear from you... .
Your contributions will be very important.
So please tell us about your thoughts in order to make of them what will be our next encounter...

Warmest regards,


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