AW: Meeting in December

Hello Everybody,

I'm glad that I will be seeing you and will have the chance to work with you once again. Greetings from İstanbul.
The working process to me can be with groups again or couples. The idea of working together with the whole group is also exciting but it may be inefficient since we're many but we can practice that each one of us choreographs one day from morning till evening and makes a piece at the end of the day like in a choreography workshop.
Also the idea of inviting a dramaturge and a philosopher is great . I know the importance of getting suggestions from a dramaturg in a choreography process if we're heading forward for creating a piece altogether. Actually this is a question or maybe we'll find out about it in Girona.

Morning talks with the philosopher would be good or maybe just after lunch like this we can have the time to digest. Knowing Girona L'Animal this fantastic place! to go to lunch takes time either by car or a long walk through the woods. It can be good to cook there some of the days.

If we decide working in couples I'd like to work with Masu. I guess the agenda will proceed after everybodies say.

Have a nice rest of the summer,

P.S: By the way I have met Carlos in istanbul. Never worked with him but saw the solo he did on a friend and I liked it only that it felt a little long towards the end.


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