AW: December Meeting

Hi dears,
finally i can answer to all of you, from march on I get suddenly involved in different projects and I didn’t have so much time left! But I continously thought about the Medencounter and how to develop it.
First to Rui: I confirm you to be able to come in December.
Good to invite a dramaturg and a philosopher, to spend the morning with themes but also for feedbacks in general. I just don’t understand if you Rui already have some specific persons to invite or if you are asking to us who we would like to invite. I have the same questions concerning the others participants.

So, let’s work to arrive to the next meeting with a clear starting point or projects.
Since we don’t have so much days to work there, I would think to avoid morning presentation of our work, we can spend this during late evening or at night. Anyway, as we said in february, I feel necessary to have a space/room organized with dvd player, pc, table, books, stereo, etc… , a space where we can share ideas at any time of the day. I would be excited
to create a “group performance/project” where each one of us can insert his own ideas/body but I can see this difficult for many reasons. Maybe I’m wrong, unless we find a clever idea.
If we work in groups, I think the best is that we decide with who to work, also indipendently from the groups we had in february. But I also consider that maybe we want to continue some ideas that rized up in february.

Actually, I would like to continue to work with Karima, maybe touching the same ideas we had find out but also differently. It was a pitty that we didn’t have time to discuss our research with all of you guys/girls (and I think it wasn’t so clear in the last presentation!). If others participants are invited, It will be nice to open the “small groups” to themes, maybe during the afternoon, announcing the themathics of the workshop in advance and saying what the we are going to research.
Let’s propose themathics and way of work in those months before december, it will be useful also for all of us, if somebody wants to change and join another group.
This is my propositions, what do you think?

Hope to hear from you soon guys & girls
Greetings from Andrea (Fagarazzi)

P.S.If you are interested, I will send you few words concerning the work that we have (Karima, Noora and me) developed in February.


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