what do we have in common??

Hi Idoia
Thanks for your nice input... and also for the nice text ;-)
Concerning your question about mediterranean dance, if it has something to do with the circle and clapping... i really don't know... but if it has to do... here it goes a video of one 1920's London night club that shows you that this story about being in a circle and clapping would not be definetly a mediterranean dance characteristic ;-)

This is not only because UK is not really a mediterranean country, but also because being in a circle and clapping it's has to do with a more lot of other things, rather that only with dance (altought knowing and recognizing that this circle and clapping story it's in a certain way related with the origins of dance)but definetly I think that it has nothing to do literally and specifically with mediterranean dance...
So, when I put the question " can we speak about Mediterranean Dance?" on the table, it was because i was thinking on what could be, let's say like this, the caractheristics of contemporary dance from the Mediterranean countries...what do we have all in common : we all are artists, and we all come and work in mediterranean countries... that's for shore... we all share a certain kind of same culture... the mediterranean culture... so my question was also how does this have and influence in our artistic works...i'm asking this because in personally believe that the artistic works are in a certain way related with the context where they're developed.
But can we speak about a mediterranean dance or is it everything so globalized that in a certain way the indentity the cultural identity is also getting globalized???
For example, the kind of artistic works coming from north america are completly different to the kind of artistic works produced in Europe, etc...
Well... the main question is: WHAT DO WE HAVE IN COMMON? or WHAT DO OUR ARTISTIC WORKS HAVE IN COMMON??? I know that for being able to answer this question, first we need to get to know each other's work better (and this is of course is one of our aims in this project), for then trying to work together... with what we have in common or with our differences... and i think this blog should be used to open these kind of debates...and others.