from masu

Hello everyone! Nice to see the bog is growing up. I send you two texts of the works I’m developing at the moment; I feel that in these two works there is a connection with my experience in our encounter: the body as an object and subject of representation at same time.

Like a Image is a physical poem, a reflection on the subdued body. It puts into practice the idea of generating a dynamic scene; an image made of multiple layers. It makes also a reflection on the most frightening chapters of power abuse in our history. The idea of a body becomes a cultural memory.

Espacio Triple Sonoro was born as a sound installation. When conveying this sound register experience to the body, I delimit my task to the search of the other from my own fiscality.I work with the notion of hollows and being able to access them in order to renew myself. Sometimes, I only have to forget about what I am doing to discover myself sink in surprised or incongruity. On other occasions, I accept recognizing myself, so I draw a fictitious route which makes me feel me more real.

PD. Talin, I’m very happy our conflict was an inspiration for you work, it was also for me!

I will write again very soon!