some help...

How are you from where you are, all around the Mediterranean?

Today I’m mostly interested by the Middle Eastern and North African countries.

I’m doing a research about contemporary art in the Arab world. I would like to have your feelings from outside, your perceptions. It can be for Art in general or for dance in particular.

My questions are about the situation of the artist in his/her specific country and in other Arab countries (space for creation, censure, subvention, religion, war, history…)how to exist as an international contemporary artist artistic preoccupations the links between Arab artistsdifference between today situation and 10 years ago the perspectives, expectation, for the next 5 years

I know that you are very busy but if you can share with me some ideas, your point of views, articles, pictures,…it could be very interesting and of a great help for me
Actually I have a public presentation about this topic in June and most of the audience will be European so it is my role as an Arab to give some realities and to correct wrong ideas that European people might have.