about the social body

Thank you Andrea for your input. I really think we should solve this lack of communication we're having since our last meeting on February. I think we all decided to participate in this project, to get to know better the "others". So we, should keep on working on it.
Very nice the video of the "evolution of dance", i'm also questioning what could be the version of evolution of dance in the mediterranean.... right now, i'm also thinking if we can speak about a Mediterranean dance... probably this could be something we can try to start a debate in this blog ?? It's only a suggestion...
Concerning the nice link of Adrien Sina's... there are two books about "The Social Body" that i would like to recommend to all of you :the first is a nice book from Nick Crossley "The Social Body (Habit, Identity and Desire)", and the other is an essay by Sue Scott, "Body Matters: Essays on the Sociology of the Body". Click on the titles if you want to take a first look on these two books.